Hiking and fishing on the Trout Adventure Trail in Georgia 
Plan your own hiking and learning experience on existing famous trails
 along the southernmost reach of the Appalachian Mountains
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About Fannin County, GA
"Trout Capital of Georgia"

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Fannin County, GA -- Trout Capital of GeorgiaDesignated by
the Georgia State Legislature in 2010 as Trout Capital
of Georgia,
Fannin County lies in the Appalachian Mountains, 90 miles north of Atlanta, bordering on North Carolina and Tennessee.

Extending from within the county seat of Blue Ridge to the county border north, south, east and west, more than 100 miles of trout streams and rivers wind through Fannin County across 100,000 acres of the Chattahoochee National Forest. Blue Ridge is a quaint mountain gateway town with art galleries, downtown shopping, delectable restaurants, a scenic railroad, and get-away cabins nestled on mountain ridges, in peaceful valleys and on scenic waters.

The headquarters for the Trout Adventure Trail in Fannin County is  the Ü Fannin County Chamber
of Commerce
in Blue Ridge.

About Gilmer County, GA  "Georgia's Apple Capital"

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Gilmer County, GeorgiaGilmer County is Georgia’s Apple Capital and contains abundant National Forest lands, including Springer Mountain, the southernmost terminus of the Appalachian Trail in the Chattahoochee National Forest.

Gilmer County is located along Highway 515/GA Highway 5, about 75 miles north of Atlanta. At more than 430 square miles big, the heavily wooded landscape stretches across the southernmost reach of north Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Ellijay, the capital and largest town in Gilmer County is an “Appalachian Trail Town” and is located about 40 minutes east of the Trout Adventure Trail. The official headquarters for the Trout Adventure Trail in Ellijay is
ÜNorth Georgia Mountain

What is the Trout Adventure Trail?

The Trout Adventure Trail® is a "do it yourself" and "plan your own" hiking and learning experience for kids of all ages along legendary trails in the Chattahoochee National Forest in north Georgia. It is designated by the Fannin County Chamber of Commerce as one of the top-12 wintertime activities in the region.

The Trout Adventure Trail offers individual hikers, families and organized groups the opportunity to hike, learn and earn a distinctive commemorative award patch as recognition of the commitment to outdoor education, conservation and accomplishment.

Take a hike, learn about the world around you and cool your toes in a trout stream!
The cold water in the streams along the Trout Adventure Trail offers a refreshing bath for tired feet. But hikers on the trail also learn about how the clear cold waters support healthy populations of rainbow, brown and brook trout, as well as a wide assortment of amphibians, insects, mollusks and more

For more information, go to: ÜChoose a Trail, ÜEarning a Patch,
ÜWhat to Bring, ÜCamping on the Trail, and ÜKnowledge from the Trail. 

View from Springer Mountain, the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail.Where is the Trout Adventure Trail?

The Trout Adventure Trail® is in the wilderness
    on the lands of the Chattahoochee National
    Forest in Gilmer County and Ü
Fannin County --
    the Trout Capital of Georgia. The Trout
    Adventure Trail weaves through the national
    forest about an hour and a half north of Atlanta
    and 45 minutes from
ÜBlue Ridge, ÜEllijay,
or ÜDahlonega, Georgia.

For more information, go to: Ü Trout Adventure Trail map and ÜDirections/Parking.

Springer Mountain plaqueWhat do you want to accomplish?

þ ÜHike the Appalachian Trail

þ ÜHike the Benton-MacKaye Trail

þ See the southernmost end of Appalachian Trail

þ Waterfall views

þ Mountain vistas

þ Hike along and over trout streams

þ ÜEarn a distinctive patch

þ Learn about Ütrout habitat and Üwatersheds

þ All of the above!

On the Trout Adventure Trail®, you can undertake any or all of these experiences ... and more!

For more information, go to: ÜTeaching Points of the Trout Adventure Trail.

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Forest Service

Ü Blue Ridge District

Trout Unlimited
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Boy Scouts
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Ü NE Georgia Council

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